20 things I learned from the bullshit ass PSAT

  • <b> 1:</b> ASK SENSEI ABOUT HIS MOTHERFUCKING CALLIGRAPHY YOU INCOMPETENT REPORTER PIECE OF SHIT<p><b>2:</b> crimson leaves will always fall<p><b>3:</b> YOU WILL NEVER /NEVER/ SEE THE GRAND CANYON LIKE GARCIA LOPEZ DE CARDENA<p><b>4:</b> IF YOU EVEN D A R E LEAVE YOUR PIECE OF CUNT CALCULATOR ON THE DESK YOU'RE CHEATING<p><b>5:</b> tell the proctor if you're feeling sick or are dying so they can DESTROY YOUR FUCKIN TEST AND SHIT ON THREE HOURS OF YOUR LIFE<p><b>6:</b> If you're from Boston NEVER EVER come to the grand canyon<p><b>7:</b> WHAT IS MORE THAN 23.5 BUT LESS THAN 24<p><b>8:</b> BEDAZZLE EVERYTHING<p><b>9:</b> camels walk past satellite dishes<p><b>10:</b> Amy Smith is probably Amish lets get real here<p><b>11:</b> Her glasses were like soup bowls<p><b>12:</b> FIX THE THING<p><b>13:</b> jUSt asK HiM abOUt CALLIGRAPHY<p><b>14:</b> SHARING CALCULATORS IS LIKE SHARING NEEDLES YOU WILL DIE DON'T DO IT<p><b>15:</b> woof<p><b>16:</b> DOLPHINS DON'T WEAR LEASHES<p><b>17:</b> dont ever tell about the test hush hush secret government thing yo<p><b>18:</b> haha fuck the second graders and their bullshit chocolate<p><b>19:</b> HOW MANY SPEAK CHINESE<p><b>20:</b> THE THING<p>


i got in trouble for watching this video on the tv in the living room